Monday, August 16, 2004

Our Leaky Roof

Our roof will benefit from your participation in our fund drive! On rainy days like this, we play "move the bucket" and try to deal with the leaks as best we can. Our staff room has been nearly unusable for a year now, and some leaks are starting to show up in the main room. Thankfully, our collection has not been threatened as of yet, but we just have to keep our fingers crossed (and our eyes open) until work can start on repairing the roof.

It's fabulous that we're approaching 125 years of service to Katonah, but with that comes the aging of our building. The expansion from the late 1960's seems to need the most work.

Roofs are expensive (but oh so necessary). Please keep us in mind when you're feeling charitable. Only 75% of our funding comes from the Town of Bedford, we have to find ways to support operating the library, plus those unexpected costs that pop up... like needing a new roof.