Monday, July 10, 2006

Katonah Kid's Book Reviews

Kids' Book Reviews
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The following book reviews were provided by the children and young adult readers at the Katonah Village Library.

Book Reviewer: Lauren, age 12
Olive's Ocean by Kevin Henkes
This chapter book is about a girl named Martha, who, over her summer vacation, goes with her family to visit her grandmother by the seaside. There, she falls in love, has her heart broken, nearly drowns, learns about her grandmother, and learns more about herself than ever by pursuing her dreams and paying tribute to Olive, a girl in her class that had died and written about Martha in her diary. This book is a perfect summer read-short and sweet, with a lot of descriptions of summer fun and the beach.
Best for tweens 10-14.

Book Reviewer: Ava, age 11
The Wright 3 by Blue Balliett, illustrations by Brett Helquist is the sequel to the fantastic book, Chasing Vermeer. As school wraps up for Calder and Petra , Tommy Segovia comes back to Hyde Park and so does another mystery for the three to figure out. The famous Robie House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright is in jeopardy of being torn down. The three try to save the house but have trouble when mysterious happenings occur at the house. Will Calder, Petra and Tommy be able to save the house and figure out the mystery along with it? Read the book to find out the answer!!!!
Recommended for ages ?

Book Reviewer: Zoe, age 9
The Wish by Gail Carson Levine
This book is about a girl named Wilma. She had always wished to be popular, but she never thought her wish would come true. But on the subway one day she met an extraordinary woman who granted her wish. Suddenly her life is everything she's ever dreamed of lots of friends, she has 40 invites to a dance. But how will she be sure that her popularity will not end? This book is good because the story is very exciting and has a lot of good characters, it is also a good story about friendship.
This book is good for children 9 and up.

Book Reviewer: Lauren, age 12
Dominic by William Steig
Dominic by William Steig was a fabulous book. Most kids could probably read it in a day because it's short. Dominic is probably best for kids 8-12 because there's some challenging vocabulary. Illustrations by the author throughout the book are very cute. A great summer read about an endearing dog!

Book Reviewer: Zoe, age 9
Horrible Histories:France by Terry Deary
This book talks about the history of France in a funny way. It tells about all the battles and revolutions France had. There are cartoons, jokes and quizzes. This book is in a series called Horrible Histories. I love this book and all the other books in this series. This book is good for children 9 and up.

Thank you to all the reviewers who contributed to this page and wrote such wonderful reviews!