Monday, April 20, 2009


Bedford’s three libraries are each recipients of a “Kill-A-Watt EZ”, an Electricity Usage Monitor. Katonah Village, Bedford Hills and Bedford Village Libraries were presented with these monitors by the Town of Bedford Energy Advisory Panel as part of the town’s “Twenty by 2020” campaign to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions via lower energy consumption.

The ‘Kill-A-Watt” device, once plugged into an appliance, can accurately measure the currant levels and tabulate consumed wattage totals. The “Kill-A-Watt” identifies which appliances are major contributors to monthly electric bills. The monitors are also capable of pinpointing “phantom” energy users: appliances that continue to use power even when they are switched “off”. They will help identify which appliances are actually worth keeping plugged in and those that might be considered for replacement.

Armed with a better understanding of electricity usage, consumers will be able to make necessary changes, thereby reducing the emission of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere as well as reducing costs.

These devices are now available for checkout at all three Bedford libraries to current Westchester Library card holders.