Wednesday, September 01, 2004

NYS Library Budget Cuts

Bad news for New York libraries.
  • The Governor has proposed a 5% cut in state aid to libraries in the 2004-05 budget, a reduction of $4.4 million from $88.9 million to $84.42 million.
  • Library funding has been frozen since 1998 at $88.9 million. According to Education Law , library aid should be at $91.3 million, using the new population figures of the 2000 Census (library aid is distributed on a per capita basis).
  • Since 1995, School Aid has increased 47% or $4.7 billion, while Library Aid has increased by only 9% or $7.4 million.
  • Library Aid makes up less than 1% of the state budget, yet Libraries serve 51% of the state‚Äôs population (registered users).
  • Library usage is up 20% since 2001 due to tough economic times.
  • Library costs have increased due to higher utilities costs, pension payments, health insurance premiums and the costs of books have increased, and yet funding has remained flat.

Please take a moment to read the whole story, linked above, and then please take action to help keep New York's libraries healthy and growing!