Thursday, March 06, 2008

Update - Spinning Verses Poetry Workshp

Message from workshop instructor Ginny Wiehardt:

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for coming out to the library last night andfor the good class. Since we had to wrap up soquickly, I wanted to make myself available via emailin case there were any questions.Meredith (I believe it was her) asked about books to read, and I saw that the Katonah library has a good collection of poetry books as well as books about writing poetry. I'm sure Pat Humphreys or another librarian can show you around it. (It's divided intoAmerican, British, and International sections.) Pat had out a book by Edward Hirsch, How to Read a Poem,that I've been itching to read myself -- I hear it's very good.

And if you don't have time to get to the library, there are a number of good online archives:

Poetry Foundation
Academy of American Poetry
Poetry Daily

For those interested in the organization we spokea bout in the beginning of the class, I'll save Maggie the trouble of bringing the url next time:

If you're just finding your way with poetry, keep in mind that with all the exercises, the main goal is to have fun. There really is no right or wrong answer. If you're putting pen to paper, you're already doing it right! Do get in touch if you have any questions, and have a good week.

Note from Pat Humphreys:

If you wish to contact Ginny, please call me at 914-232-3508

Also, here are some books that may be of interest and most of which will be available at the next workshop on March 10th. They are located at Call no. (Dewey Decimal No. ) 808.1.

How to read a Poem and Fall in Love with Poetry by Hirsch
The Seven Principles of Poetry by Hamilton
Poetry and the Age by Randall & Jarrell
The Poet's Handbook by Jerome
Finding What You Didn't Lose - Expressing Your Truth and Creativity ThroughPoem-Making by Fox
The New Book of Forms by Turco
On Poetry and Poets by T.S. Eliot
Poetry Handbook by Babette Deutsch
Streams - Life-Secrets for Writing Poems and Songs by Hochman
The Forms of Poetry by Untermeyer
Immersed in Verse by Wolf

Last but not least - rhyming dictionary. It is located at Call no. 426.